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The NNU Doceō Center provides technology-based blended learning workshops, consulting and courses to teachers, schools and districts throughout Idaho based upon data-driven case studies and industry best practices. What sets the Doceō Center apart from state and national competitors is its targeted approach, which creates a unique learning experience for each school and district participant.

Why this approach? It's simple - every school and each individual district has approached their technology investment differently. For example, a Nampa school that worked with the Doceō Center chose to purchase iPads, while a school in Marsing selected Chromebooks. Employing a staff comprised of technology experts with a proven track record of success, the Doceō Center will define a plan based on the unique requirements of each school and participating teacher - regardless of grade level. The result of this approach is a core set of graduating students that are ready for advanced education and the international job market.

Additionally, the NNU program will offer teachers, administrators and superintendents professional development opportunities in the form of technology-based seminars, classes and online training - all focused on professional development and the integration of Idaho's Core Standards into the classroom and teaching curriculum.



H.A.C.K. Model

The H.A.C.K. Model for blended learning will revolutionize the way education is carried out nationally. Click here to learn more.

Doceō Framework

The Doceō Framework is a clear and concise way to incorporate innovative instruction into your school or classroom. Click here to learn more.


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How We've Inspired:

W. Ward, Faculty of Education, Northwest Nazarene University

"As a professor, I find the Doceo Center to be a rich resource that empowers me to challenge my students. A partner that provides resources, expertise, and learning opportunities is invaluable for any educator. The Doceō Center has proven to be that for us at NNU."

N. Stern, Middle School Vice-Principal (Nampa, ID)

"Gregg and Amy with the NNU Doceō Center have done an amazing job providing valuable professional development for our staff at West Middle School. As I enter into classrooms I am beginning to see the shift from a paper and pencil classroom to a technology-based classroom in which students have choice in the way they present their knowledge on a particular standard to the teacher and to the class. With continued professional development, I can visualize classrooms being transformed and students playing a role in teaching their peers."

H. Hall, Math Teacher (Marsing, ID)

"NNU has played a key role in helping my classroom successfully implement technology and become familiar with blended learning. Since the implementation of Khan Academy and the use of Chromebooks, my students have shifted their focus from just getting an answer to really wanting to understand how to get the right answer... The support of NNU has been wonderful. They have given support and training all through the implementation of technology in my classroom, not just the beginning, and made me feel valued as an educator."

S. Harris, Math Teacher (Kuna, ID)

"The Doceō center and their commitment to our children's education is making a tremendous impact in our state. They are truly dedicated to collaborating with educators to define best practices and supporting teachers in carrying these out in the ways that best suit their teaching style. Their drive to push us to educate 21st-century learners and the professional development and support that they are putting into place is helping me increase engagement and excitement in my classroom. My students are experiencing school in a way that is revolutionary, and I am excited about continuing to learn from the Doceō center and all of the work they are doing to better education in Idaho."

S. Bonds, Elementary Principal (Nampa, ID)

"The partnership with the Doceō center has been significant for our building in beginning to learn to shift instructional practices with technology as a tool. The professional development has walked thus far hand in hand with our teachers, para and staff to help them to see how to start simply and begin to relinquish choice and control to student-centered learning. The work has reiterated the criticalness of planning with the end in mind, looking at practices that work towards those goals and setting instructional outcomes along the way. We are so grateful for this partnership and the immense support the Doceō center has provided us."
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