Our Objectives and Purpose

The Doceō Center at Northwest Nazarene University leads the way for blended learning regionally and nationally by inspiring personalized learning through innovative practices in education. The NNU Doceō Center accomplishes this mission by supporting, teaching, modeling and researching technology best practices. Working directly with teachers, administrators, schools and districts throughout Idaho, the Doceō Center provides a value-added service to its customers by increasing the knowledge of each school's faculty by integrating technology investments into the classroom and the curriculum. Our pricing model for products and services will always be competitive within the market, and will make use of strategic discounts for schools that simply do not have the funding to make use of advanced technology (case-by-case basis).

Additionally, working with professors at Northwest Nazarene University, the Doceō Center will make a targeted effort to incorporate blended learning concepts directly into the classrooms. In doing so, it is expected that graduates of our Education Program will adopt personalized learning as they enter the job market, creating a new set of early adopters and Doceō Center advocates.


H.A.C.K. Model

The H.A.C.K. Model for blended learning will revolutionize the way education is carried out nationally. Click here to learn more.

Doceō Framework

The Doceō Framework is a clear and concise way to incorporate innovative instruction into your school or classroom. Click here to learn more.


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