Four New Features in Apps

April 19, 2017

This blog post will quickly cover four new releases to some popular apps that are used in the classroom. 

The Winds of Change - Lessons Learned From the Saddle of a Bike

April 13, 2017

​The Winds of Change - Lessons Learned from the Saddle of a Bike

Animated Math

April 7, 2017

Animated Math

How to “Slam Dunk” a Technology Implementation in a K-12 school

March 27, 2017

The other day I was sitting on the couch watching March Madness on television. For those of you who are not sports fans, March Madness is the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament that is played every March.  

In Search of a Definition

March 16, 2017

Some of our conversations are difficult because we use important words like “Personalized” or “Competency” or “Mastery” and when I hear those words I think they mean one thing while they might mean something totally different.

Inspiring Learning, Not Grades

February 28, 2017

What we need is a system that allows teachers to worry less about the grade and more about the learning.

CLOSE Reading in a Digital World

February 23, 2017

When we connect technology to good pedagogy, we begin realizing there is not a line between tech and teaching. 

Walking the Tightrope of Education and Security With Your IT Team

February 8, 2017

On July 5th, 2016, two German men, Lukas Irmler and Reinhard Kleindl, made a tightrope walk together across Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls. Tightrope walking is hard enough alone, but when done in pairs, the challenge is multiplied many times over.

Seeing is More Than Believing

January 31, 2017

When I was a little boy I used to ride the school bus with a classmate.  He seemed to be the luckiest boy in the world. 

Help! The district has given us iPads! 5 Simple Ideas for Successful Technology Integration

January 20, 2017

You’ve got the Chromebooks. You’ve got the iPads. Everything is set up and running, so you should be done right? 

December 2016 Newsletter

December 16, 2016

Merry Christmas from the ​Doceō Center!

Does Blended Learning Really Work?

December 13, 2016

“Does blended learning really work?”  This question has become increasing popular over the last decade or so.  Educators and researchers around the world want to know does including technology into the classroom help students learn?

Good Food is Good Food

December 5, 2016

Growing up I lived for the mashed potatoes that would grace the Thanksgiving table. My mom would make them and put loads of butter, whipped cream cheese, garlic, salt, and pepper (no wonder I loved them, right?).

Do Predictions Impact the Education System?

November 28, 2016

At this year’s ISTE conference, the opening Keynote address was from futurist and physicist, Michio Kaku.  He took a look back at history and then we looked at areas of our lives that would have been considered science fiction only 50 years ago. 

#HACK_R Bytes: Classroom Toolbox

November 21, 2016

This #HACK_R Byte will teach you how to use a classroom toolbox to manage and build student capacity in platforms in your class. Platforms are any website or app that students can use to 'show off' their learning.

November 2016 Newsletter

November 21, 2016

The past month has been busy for the Doceō Center team!
Doceō had the opportunity to speak to a full house at iNACOL...

Concrete Experiences

November 15, 2016

When I was thirteen, my father surprised me with one of the greatest gifts of my life.  He took me to a Major League Baseball game!  For a young boy, who grew up hundreds of miles away from the nearest big league team, this was the adventure of a lifetime.


October 21, 2016

Have you ever experienced being on autopilot? I can't tell you much about driving home from work yesterday. I never turned on the radio...

“This page left intentionally blank”

September 1, 2016

I opened a contract on my desk the other day, prepared to spend the good part of the hour reading through the legalese, but the 2nd page caught my attention for longer than expected.  In this document that was nearly 30 pages long, there was a single white piece of paper with these simple words:

Are We Experimenting with Our Kids?

August 2, 2016

I have an amazing job. I get to think with teachers, principals and superintendents about their schools.  Specifically, I get to brainstorm with them about ways to improve the teaching and learning that is happening there.  Most of the time, these conversations are not about an emergency or a crisis.  Most of the conversations are simply motivated by a deep desire to get better at our profession.

15 Takeaways from #iNACOL15 - Repost

November 20, 2015

Nicholas Keith, a blended learning specialist from Texas, wrote a tremendous blog post about our recent session that was featured at the iNACOL 2015 conference. Check out his blog post to see his thoughts about our H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction.

Capturing the Amazing

November 6, 2015

What if our schools were picture worthy?

Most Likely to Succeed Film at NNU

October 7, 2015

Our school system was designed in 1893. Come see the possibilties for education in America in the documentary "Most Likely to Succeed." The way you think about school will never be the same.

Arne Duncan U.S. Secretary of Education Thank You Video

September 24, 2015

Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education thanked teachers across the state of Idaho, Idaho Legislators and Representatives, the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, and the NNU Doceō Center for all that they did for the statewide pilot of Khan Academy. You can watch the entire video here or in our video library.

H.A.C.K. Android OS Wheel and Platforms List

September 17, 2015

We would like to announce the creation of our H.A.C.K. wheel of the Android OS. It is loaded with learning platforms designed for the Android operating system and Google Play for Education. Much like the Apple OS wheel and Chrome/ Web  2.0 wheel, the Android OS wheel aligns perfectly to our H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction and we hope that it adds to how you see technology being able to be effectively used in your schools and classrooms. With the creation of this wheel we now are able to offer H.A.C.K. Professional Development for any device that you may have in your schools and classrooms. Please contact us with any questions you have or to schedule professional development for your school.