December 2016 Newsletter

Published on Dec 16, 2016.

Recent Blog Posts

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Upcoming Events

Join us for HACK_R Bootcamp Spring 2016 to learn how to implement the HACK Model of Innovative Instruction into your building or classroom. Registration includes 4-days of in-depth, hands-on activities that take a classroom from a teacher-centered, highly structured environment to a student-centered, personalized classroom. Bootcamp provides a systematic approach to blended learning while equipping teachers with the tools to implement. Click here to learn more and register today!

Do you want to visit innovative schools and see what is new? Join the Doceō Center on one of our upcoming Vision Trips. The purpose of the trips will be to search for ideas that might be transferable to your local context. Each trip will focus on a region of the United States where we will attempt to visit at least four buildings, speak with the leaders and students, and debrief with each other every evening. If you are interested, please fill out this survey. This survey is for informational purposes and does not obligate you to a trip.
The Doceō Center exists to inspire personalized learning through innovative practices in education.