Four New Features in Apps

Published on Apr 19, 2017.

Four New Features in Apps

Staying up-to-date on the latest applications for the classroom can be challenging. Developers are constantly creating and releasing new applications that can be used in the classroom setting. This blog post will quickly cover four new releases to some popular apps that are used in the classroom.
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1)     Quizziz
Overview: Quizziz is a platform that allows students to interactively take quizzes on their devices. Students can log in via an internet browser or now via their application.
The Basics: Teachers start a quiz from their dashboard of quizzes. You can customize the quiz to have more game like features or to be a traditional quiz. When the teacher starts the quiz a code will pop up on the screen, students will enter this code to join the quiz. Teachers can also choose to assign a quiz as homework and give students a certain amount of time to complete it.
The New: Quizziz just released a new feature on their application that will read the question aloud to students. To activate the read aloud feature have students press the menu button located in the top left corner of the app. Then just have them turn the Read Aloud feature to on by swiping the button. When the question appears on the screen a voice will automatically read it out loud. I would suggest having students wear ear buds to use this feature.
2)     Kahoot
Overview: Kahoot is a platform that is similar to Quizziz in that it allows teachers to have students interactively participate in a quiz via their own device. Students can either access the app or log in via the web.
The Basics: The teacher will start a quiz and students will join via a code that pops up on the screen. There are settings you can change to make the quiz feel more or less gamey.
The New: This feature will stretch your brain and make it hurt! Which is when good learning occurs, right? The feature is called Jumble. When your students participate in a Jumble they will have to place the four answer options in the correct order. First, I would advise checking out the Sample Jumble to get a better understanding of the concept. Next, I would start them off with something very simple. Finally, before using Jumble with content, I would suggest playing jumble with simple content so your students can learn the features.
3)     Alice Keeler QuickShare Screenshot
Overview: The fantastic @alicekeeler has just released a new Chrome Ad-on that give students the capability of taking a screenshot that will save directly to their Google drive.
Basics: Go to the Chrome Web Store to download the add-on. Once downloaded, a small icon will appear in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. When you click the button you will be presented with two options: take a full screen shot or take a partial screen shot. The screen shots will automatically be housed in your Google Drive in a newly created folder titled “QuickShare Screenshot”.
The new:  It seems like they are still working out some bugs with the partial screenshot, but if you simply close out the browser and open it again, it should get the crosshairs to work.
4)     Khan Academy
Overview: Khan academy is a free platform that contains hundreds of lessons in almost all academic areas.
Basics: Teachers can set up accounts for their students or students can set up their own and join your class. Teachers are able to track students’ progress through different lessons. The software is tailored to track students and personalize lessons to them.
What’s new: Khan Academy just released a new set of lessons that align with Eureka Math and Engaged NY content. These are two popular math curriculums which when aligned can bring some powerful learning to support what teachers are covering with students.
Do you have great ways you are already using these programs in your classroom? Post below to share with educators how you utilize these great tools.

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