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Fall 2015 H.A.C.K._R. Registration Open

July 30, 2015

Fall 2015 Registration for H.A.C.K._R. Bootcamp is Open!
What is H.A.C.K._R. Bootcamp? This intensive 5-day BOOTCAMP is designed to immerse and equip educators with a dynamic toolkit to blend, flip,and personalize instruction using innovative practices. Based around the H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction, this BOOTCAMP systematically guides teachers through the process of technology integration (read more).

H.A.C.K. Android OS Wheel and Platforms List

September 17, 2015

We would like to announce the creation of our H.A.C.K. wheel of the Android OS. It is loaded with learning platforms designed for the Android operating system and Google Play for Education. Much like the Apple OS wheel and Chrome/ Web  2.0 wheel, the Android OS wheel aligns perfectly to our H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction and we hope that it adds to how you see technology being able to be effectively used in your schools and classrooms. With the creation of this wheel we now are able to offer H.A.C.K. Professional Development for any device that you may have in your schools and classrooms. Please contact us with any questions you have or to schedule professional development for your school.