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    H.A.C.K._R. BOOTCAMP is an intensive 4-day BOOTCAMP that is designed to immerse and equip educators with a dynamic toolkit to blend, flip, and personalize instruction using innovative practices. Based on the H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction, this BOOTCAMP systematically guides teachers through the process of technology integration. Our Model will transform a classroom from a highly-structured environment to a more student-centered approach to learning where students take ownership and personalize their education. Infused with Bloom's Taxonomy and Webb's Depth of Knowledge, our H.A.C.K._R. BOOTCAMP will not only change instruction, but also the culture of the classroom where students consistently analyze, evaluate, and create information.

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    PD / Workshops

    The NNU Doceō Center is pleased to offer professional development and workshops on a variety of instructional topics designed to improve student outcomes. Whether one hour to year-long, out workshops, are customized to meet the specific needs of districts and schools. The Doceō Center builds and designs professional development and workshops that create the framework, common language, and skill sets needed to create a transformative culture and implement innovative practices into your instruction.

    Professional development and workshops include, but are not limited to:


    Learning Platforms

    Learning Platforms are general categories of apps which allow students to express what they have learned. Rather than focusing on specific apps of devices, which are quickly obsolete, this course focuses on platforms and their use. Educators will gain knowledge of the available tools and their application to allow students to personalize their learning.
    From full or half-day workshops to after-school professional development meetings, we can build the appropriate session(s) for you and your school. Whether it's word processing, creating presentations, Google Docs, student portfolios or augmented reality, we can help you become a facilitator of learning.
    Our learning platform sessions are highly customized to your specific needs.

    • Google Apps integration
    • Google Certified Educator training
    • Apple/iOS Learning Platforms
    • Web 2.0 tools
    • Android Learning Platforms
    • e-Portfolios
    • Class Workflow 



    Our team provides consulting services to help propel your instruction and student outcomes. Our sessions can be varied and tailored to your needs and range from individual teacher/teams to district-wide consulting. Discussions can include guidance on your infrastructure, data-driven outcomes, and customizing any of our products.

    Action Research

    The NNU Doceō Center assists in research. We partner with schools, districts, and organizations to conduct a variety of studies. Our services include action and longitudinal research to inform data-driven decisions in instruction. Our goal is to impact student outcomes with meaningful and relevant research that drive student success.

    • Measuring outcomes
    • Documenting progress
    • Adjusting instructional strategy 


    Grant & Project Management

    Our team provides grant and project management services to foundations and schools. The Doceō Center has experience in managing large projects at an individual school level and managing multiple grants on behalf of a funding foundation. Need funding for an innovative project? We can help locate and apply for available grants. We can also serve as a third-party grant auditor for existing projects.

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