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Use RealtimeBoard as a PBL Collaboration Tool

What does RealtimeBoard do? How do I access RealtimeBoard? And how do I use RealtimeBoard?

Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!

I'm sure you know that the quote in this photo is true...but how do we achieve that???

Fresh Sheets

Don’t you love fresh sheets in your bed? There is just something different about crawling into your familiar bed with sheets that are clean and fit snugly.

Start of the Year Presentations using Prezi

As the school year gets off to a start, many educators are thinking of ways to create new interactive presentations that capture student interest and build deep understandings.

To Coach or Not to Coach

This past week, I went to a local Community College volleyball game with my son. We were there to watch a friend play in their first pre-season volleyball game.

Moving from Naive to Deliberate Practice as Teachers

Comedians have often questioned why we say that a doctor is “practicing medicine.” We really don’t want that doctor to be practicing on us. And we laugh...

End of the Year Insights and NEW Team-Member Collaboration

As the school year is wrapping up, you might be so anxious to close up your lesson plan book and shove everything into your desk until later this summer. However, there is power in the reflection you have right now.

5 Tech Tools to Consider Learning This Summer

As you start formulating plans in your head for next school year, consider adding these five technology tools to your classroom.

Avengers in the Classroom

The newest release of the comic book superheroes adventures has hit the big screen. Don’t worry. This is not a spoiler alert.

What are some questions that people should be asking you, but aren’t?

Are you a Vanguard in your building? As a leader, teachers should feel comfortable coming to you with questions and ideas.

Culture Change

We talk about the concept of Deeper Learning, but bringing it down to a concrete level of what it actually looks like in the classroom is the task that is bestowed upon us as educators.

A New Student?!? The school year is nearly over!

Did you get a few new kiddos over the break? I have a few helpful tips for integrating new students into your classroom

Rethinking Student Presentations

Student presentation can be a powerful tool in the classroom, but if not used correctly it can be a powerful boredom creator.

5 Ways to use Nearpod in the Classroom

Read and share these suggestions on how to make the most out of Nearpod in the classroom.

Tech in the Classroom & The OLYMPICS

The Olympic Games began over 2,700 years ago in Olympia, located in southwest Greece.