A New Student?!? The school year is nearly over!

A New Student?!? The school year is nearly over!

As Spring has come to a close, schools may have an influx of new students. Did you get a few new kiddos over the break? How do you assimilate them into your fold quickly? How do you make them feel welcome and get them caught up on all that your class has done over the course of the school year?

Schools typically have trouble welcoming new students and expecting the students to understand or quickly assimilate into the school’s culture. At any time of year, an influx of new students and families means that schools must not only take steps to expand their staffing and services to meet students’ changing needs, they must also spend time establishing norms and expectations with new students and their families.

Paying attention to school climate is crucial for students and families to feel welcome. If you have a well-established culture in your classroom, adding a new student to that general make-up can be difficult for all parties involved.

How will your students learn new curriculum? New content? New technology? Do you have a system in place to have peers doing some training?

Here are some helpful tips for integrating new students into your classroom:

  1. Assign a mentor. You know which students would be good leaders and examples to follow.

  2. Have a New Student Survival Kit ready - with important tools for your student (which could include: routines, procedures, classroom rules, technology platforms with uses, and or links to platforms and any paperwork he/she may need.)

  3. Have the mentor guide the student through the toolbox and/or platforms you have used. Have specific names of students who can assist that student with each one. (have links to youtube tutorial videos for each platform)

  4. Get right back into your routine. Nothing will assimilate that student better than seeing what happens on a regular basis.

All students want to do is to slip right in and feel welcome. By doing these steps, you will do a huge part in making that student feel welcome!

Maureen Seidel

by Maureen Seidel

Maureen Seidel is Faculty of Innovation at Northwest Nazarene University in the Doceō Center. She has more than 14 years of teaching experience here in the Treasure Valley and has an innovative mind for engaging students in the learning process. She taught kindergarten and 1st grade and most recently was a Title 1 Reading Specialist in the Middleton School District. She had a heart for the young learner and is excited about the integration of technology in all grade levels. Maureen is an alum of NNU, graduating in 2003 with her Bachelor's in Elementary Education. Maureen resides in Middleton with her husband of 15 years and 3 amazing boys!