November 2016 Newsletter

Where We’ve Been

The past month has been busy for the Doceō Center team! Doceō had the opportunity to speak to a full house at iNACOL 2016 Symposium about the HACK Model of Innovative Instruction. The session had time for us to personalize content to the participant’s level of blended implementation. We wrapped up hosting the School Retool Idaho Cohort of administrators who have been working on small hacks to innovate in their schools. Doceō continued working with the Nampa School District to implement HACK as part of their Nampa Personalized Learning initiative. Our very own Amy Ackley keynoted at the Idaho Music Educator Association’s All-State Inservice Conference. She spoke about the voices that influenced her life and how educators can be a powerful voice in students’ lives. The Doceō team also facilitated a variety of workshops for the first day of the conference.

Recent Blog Posts

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Upcoming Events

Join us for HACK_R Bootcamp Spring 2016 to learn how to implement the HACK Model of Innovative Instruction into your building or classroom. Registration includes 4-days of in-depth, hands-on activities that take a classroom from a teacher-centered, highly structured environment to a student-centered, personalized classroom. Bootcamp provides a systematic approach to blended learning while equipping teachers with the tools to implement. Click here to learn more and register today!

The Doceō Center exists to inspire personalized learning through innovative practices in education.

Kat McGowan

by Kat McGowan

Kat brings over 15 years of experience to her role as the Doceō Center Assistant. She’s passionate about streamlining processes and loves finding ways to make life easier and more efficient. She coordinates and manages events connected with the Center’s activities and maintains office services by organizing office operations and procedures. She is currently working on her Bachelors in Business Administration and will graduate in the summer of 2018.