Relationships, Relationships, Relationships!

I'm sure you know that the quote in this photo is true...but how do we achieve that??? By listening to our students. Engaging in their lives. Investing in their future. We do that on a daily basis with our daily communication in the classroom and throughout the school building. But, how does that play out within the feedback you give to your students on their work? How can you show them you care?? Writing notes all over their papers?? Trying to fit in comments into a small corner of the paper?? What if there was an easier way? What if students could communicate with you about what they were trying to portray verbally? Here’s a creative suggestion… Individual Podcasts. When you want to start a conversation with students about their writing, you can create individual podcasts. Hearing your excitement or curiosity about their writing motivates them to dig into their work. It could also allow them to record a message back to you about how they felt. There is also another option called Screencasts—To give feedback on student speeches and presentations, you can use screencasts. You can create voiceovers—like the “director’s commentary” special feature on DVDs—while watching students’ recorded presentations. You can use one of two programs to produce these screencasts: Screenflow or Jing.

Some possible questions to consider...How does recording the feedback make it more personal than written feedback? In what ways does providing feedback via a podcast make the process more collaborative? Why do you think students are more likely to listen to recorded feedback than written feedback?

Maureen Seidel

by Maureen Seidel

Maureen Seidel is Faculty of Innovation at Northwest Nazarene University in the Doceō Center. She has more than 14 years of teaching experience here in the Treasure Valley and has an innovative mind for engaging students in the learning process. She taught kindergarten and 1st grade and most recently was a Title 1 Reading Specialist in the Middleton School District. She had a heart for the young learner and is excited about the integration of technology in all grade levels. Maureen is an alum of NNU, graduating in 2003 with her Bachelor's in Elementary Education. Maureen resides in Middleton with her husband of 15 years and 3 amazing boys!