What are some questions that people should be asking you, but aren’t?

Are you a Vanguard in your building? Are you leading the way with technology integration? Are you a trendsetter? Do teachers come to you with questions on how to implement technology in their classroom? Are teachers not coming to you? If not, why?

As a leader, teachers should feel comfortable coming to you with questions and ideas. Along with the role of Vanguard, there also comes a responsibility of being a coach. In his book Coaching, Jim Knight encourages educators to use his text to support their development and put teachers’ needs at the heart of professional learning by individualizing their learning and by positioning themselves as professionals. As a coach or leader, it may feel like a bit more work, but in the long run, it’s important for you to step up your game.

If you have teachers coming to you asking questions about technology, you’re on the right track. Teachers should feel comfortable with you to be able to ask. If they are not asking you questions, you may need to think about why that might be. Are you unapproachable? Are they not using or trying new technology or platforms? Do you not know enough about technology or platforms to answer any questions? We don’t know what we don’t know. Your teachers may not even know what to ask. As you begin to ponder why teachers may not be coming to you with questions, here are some ways that you might be able to foster communication between you and your teachers.

  1. Create time & space in the day/week for teachers to come to a central location to ask you questions.
  2. Set up an email distribution list where teachers can ask questions as they come up.
  3. Create a blog or platform sharing site (for example, Padlet or Dotstorming) where teachers can post ideas or questions
  4. Ask your admin/principal if you can have time in a staff meeting or in-service day to do some presenting of device use or platform training.

As you begin to think about who is asking for help and who isn’t, remember everyone learns at their own pace. Every teacher may not be ready for a new platform each week. However, you should be prepared to interact with teachers when they are ready. Having a way for teachers to post questions or ideas is a great start.

Maureen Seidel

by Maureen Seidel

Maureen Seidel is Faculty of Innovation at Northwest Nazarene University in the Doceō Center. She has more than 14 years of teaching experience here in the Treasure Valley and has an innovative mind for engaging students in the learning process. She taught kindergarten and 1st grade and most recently was a Title 1 Reading Specialist in the Middleton School District. She had a heart for the young learner and is excited about the integration of technology in all grade levels. Maureen is an alum of NNU, graduating in 2003 with her Bachelor's in Elementary Education. Maureen resides in Middleton with her husband of 15 years and 3 amazing boys!