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Does Blended Learning Really Work?

“Does blended learning really work?” This question has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so. Educators and researchers around the world want to know does including technology into the classroom help students learn?

Good Food is Good Food

Growing up I lived for the mashed potatoes that would grace the Thanksgiving table. My mom would make them and put loads of butter, whipped cream cheese, garlic, salt, and pepper (no wonder I loved them, right?).

Do Predictions Impact the Education System?

At this year’s ISTE conference, the opening Keynote address was from futurist and physicist, Michio Kaku. He took a look back at history and then we looked at areas of our lives that would have been considered science fiction only 50 years ago.

November 2016 Newsletter

The past month has been busy for the Doceō Center team!
Doceō had the opportunity to speak to a full house at iNACOL...

Concrete Experiences

When I was thirteen, my father surprised me with one of the greatest gifts of my life. He took me to a Major League Baseball game! For a young boy, who grew up hundreds of miles away from the nearest big league team, this was the adventure of a lifetime.


Have you ever experienced being on autopilot? I can't tell you much about driving home from work yesterday. I never turned on the radio...

"This page left intentionally blank"

I opened a contract on my desk the other day, prepared to spend the good part of the hour reading through the legalese, but the 2nd page caught my attention for longer than expected. In this document that was nearly 30 pages long, there was a single white piece of paper with these simple words: