Instructional PracticeProject-Based Learning

Our PBL workshops are for participants who have completed H.A.C.K. Model training and want to delve deeper into the practice of PBL. Through a series of workshops, The Doceō Team will walk alongside your school in the process of developing PBL understanding all the way through to student project exhibition. Participants will learn Doceō’s 7-Core Framework of PBL and how these elements can be used to take students to deeper levels of learning.

Key Takeaways

  • Teachers will walk away from this process with an understanding of the 7-Core Framework of PBL.
  • Teachers will understand how the 7-Core Elements will be the driving force in their students PBL experience.
  • A developed understanding of how Design Thinking can change classroom culture and mindsets.

Support Materials

  • 7-Core Framework of PBL
  • Project planning templates
  • Resource List
  • Coaching and support for project development

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