NNU Doceō Center Consulting Offerings

Our team provides consulting services to help propel your instruction and student outcomes. Our consulting session can be varied and tailored to your needs. Consulting sessions can include guidance on your infrastructure, data-driven outcomes, and individualizing any of our products.
Please contact or call 208-467-8320 for more information to enroll your faculty in one of our Doceō programs.
❖      Infrastructure Consultation
Infrastructure can often be a difficult barrier when implementing technology. Our team can help assist you in working with firewalls, switches, wireless services, access management, bandwidth, and device selection.
❖      Professional Learning Communities
Professional Learning Communities are essential to improve student learning. Our team can help you develop deep, effective learning communities centered on data-driven instruction that affects student outcomes. Our PLC consulting will help you distinguish the difference between effective collaboration and a Professional Learning Community.
❖      Digital Citizenship                                                                                                  
Teaching students about digital citizenship is a must when incorporating innovative instruction. Our #E-RULES focus on the critical topics that face today’s students. By using #E-RULES, our team can help you build and maintain effective digital citizenship instruction in your school or classroom.
❖      Individualized Menu Products
We understand every school and/or classroom has different needs. Our team can help customize any of our products such as our Doceō Framework, H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction, Learning Platforms, or Khan Academy workshops to meet your individual needs. We can tailor our products to personally fit your unique school or classroom.
*Customized Sessions and Consulting Hours are available.                                                                        
For more information contact or call 208-467-8320.



H.A.C.K. Model

The H.A.C.K. Model for blended learning will revolutionize the way education is carried out nationally. Click here to learn more.

Doceō Framework

The Doceō Framework is a clear and concise way to incorporate innovative instruction into your school or classroom. Click here to learn more.


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