Doceō Framework

The Doceō Framework is a clear and concise way to incorporate innovative instruction into a district, school, or classroom. This framework will provide a step-by-step implementation process from initial discussion to final reflection. Using technology as a catalyst, the framework helps design an ideal vision for an instructional setting by selecting student outcomes that are relevant and meaningful. With vision and outcomes in place, the H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction will build a tailored plan to implement professional development that customizes and promotes blended and personalized learning. The final stage provides checkpoints to evaluate growth and determine what is needed to operationalize and sustain progress.

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❖      Full-Year Plan - 10 Sessions of Professional Development   
Each framework designed session will guide your school or classrooms through our framework. Our customized sessions begin by obtaining some input about your school and/or classroom. This information is used to help design your vision, create your student outcomes, and build your customized plan.    
❖      H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction
The Doceō Framework also includes our H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction. This Model is designed to help teachers incorporate technology into their classrooms and move from highly structured activities based on a remember/understand level of Bloom’s Taxonomy to personalized learning where students will consistently analyze, evaluate, and create information.
❖      2 Customized Sessions
Our customized sessions are designed to be tailored to your individual building or classroom needs. These sessions can include individualized training on specific learning platforms such as Google Docs 101, Google Apps, Digital Citizenship, Student Portfolios, Professional Portfolios and so much more.
❖      2 Sessions of Consulting/Planning
Consulting is a key component to our framework. Our consulting sessions can be customized to your specific needs. Consulting could include planning with individual teachers, grades, departments, or administration on items such as student assessment, student workflow, lesson planning, unit design and numerous other topics.
❖      2 Professional Development Units
Your teaching staff can obtain 2 Continuing Education Units from Northwest Nazarene University.



H.A.C.K. Model

The H.A.C.K. Model for blended learning will revolutionize the way education is carried out nationally. Click here to learn more.

Doceō Framework

The Doceō Framework is a clear and concise way to incorporate innovative instruction into your school or classroom. Click here to learn more.


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