H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction

The H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction is a systematic approach for teachers to integrate technology into their teaching practices. H.A.C.K. is designed to move a classroom from a highly structured environment to more student-centered instruction where students take ownership and personalize their learning. Formed around Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy and Webb's Depth of Knowledge, the H.A.C.K. Model is a logical methodology to innovative practices that move student learning from a foundational level of knowledge to a more sophisticated understanding where students consistently analyze, evaluate, and create information. 

Suggested Core Platforms

The following device specific H.A.C.K. Wheels list vetted platforms that added to quality instruction are capable of generating a student-centered learning environment.  The individual platforms are placed into the wheel based on ease of use, and what each offers to the learning environment for each of the various levels of integration. The Doceō Center believes that effective instruction revolves around identified student outcomes and not a specific device or platform (App). The H.A.C.K. Wheels exist to offer suggestions of specific applications that support the desired level of learning and hope that each application learned only adds to the desired tool-kit needed for innovation in your classroom.




H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction Professional Development

We provide several forms of professional development on our H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction.
Please contact or call 208-467-8320 for more information to enroll your faculty in one of our Doceō programs.
❖      Full-Year Plan - 5 Sessions of Professional Development
Each session will guide your classrooms through our H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction. Our sessions begin by helping you visualize what personalized learning can look like and how to facilitate that in your classroom. Next, we lead you through the stages of technology integration giving you practical hands-on tools that can be applied immediately. Your teaching staff can obtain up to two continuing education credits from Northwest Nazarene University and receive continuous support throughout the school year.

❖      #H.A.C.K._R. Bootcamp
Individual teachers can enroll for a four-day intensive bootcamp training on the H.A.C.K. Model of Innovative Instruction. Teachers can earn up to two continuing education credits from Northwest Nazarene University. Registration also includes follow-up support throughout the school year.

*Customized Sessions and Consulting Hours are available.
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