Khan Academy provides a vehicle to incorporate innovative instruction and blended learning into your classroom or school.  As a mastery-based learning system, Khan Academy allows students to personalize their learning and provides virtual instruction 24-hours a day. This student-centered approach to instruction allows the teacher and parents to see real time data on student progress, skills mastered, and areas of struggle. These data informed decisions can help you front-load learning, fill in instructional gaps, and challenge students to go beyond the classroom.  
The NNU Doceō Center had the pleasure of managing Khan Academy in Idaho, the nation's first statewide pilot program. Funded by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, the KA Idaho project provided technology, professional development and support for 73 schools, 277 teachers, and approximately 15,000 students across the state.

All Khan Academy professional development opportunities through the NNU Doceō Center can include the following:
❖      Khan Academy 101 Workshop
Learn about the vision of Khan Academy, explore the site, and learn how Khan Academy can be implemented into your school. This 6-hour workshop is for beginners and we’ll walk teachers through Khan Academy, step-by-step.
❖      Consulting/Planning Sessions
This option is designed for schools who have already been to a Khan Academy workshop and want to learn more. Khan Academy consulting is a key component and these sessions can be customized to your specific needs. KA Consulting could include planning with individual teachers, grades, or departments.
❖      Customized Mini-Sessions 
Our Customized Mini-Sessions are designed to be tailored to your individual building or classroom needs. These 30-60 minute mini-sessions can include individualized training on specific aspects of Khan Academy such as Getting Started, Creating and Maintaining a Class, Using Missions, Using Recommendations, Using Playlists, Milestones/Goals, Tutoring, Using Reports, Using Badges, Teacher Collaboration, Khan Academy and MTI, CCSS and Khan Academy, MAP Testing and RIT scores. These sessions are designed to be delivered virtually through the IEN.
❖      Continuing Education Credits 
Your teaching staff can obtain Continuing Education Credits from Northwest Nazarene University through most of our professional development opportunities.
❖      24/7 Access
You and your staff will have 24/7 access to the private Facebook KA teacher page.
❖      Virtual or Face-to-Face
All workshops can be done virtually or face-to-face depending on your unique needs. As an added bonus, virtual workshops can be delivered for Idaho schools. Contact us for more details.
Please contact or call 208-467-8320 for more information or to enroll your faculty in one of our Doceō programs.

How We've Inspired:

J. Oye-Johnson, IDOC Director of Education Services

"Through funding made possible from the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation, the Idaho Department of Correction formed a partnership with Northern Nazarene University's Center of Innovation in Teaching and the Foundation for Learning Equality to deploy Khan Academy Lite in the state's correctional facilities... The Idaho Department of Correction's education program has come to rely heavily on KA Lite... The feedback from staff and offenders using KA Lite has been overwhelmingly positive. It helps instructors identify which educational deficiencies that these men and woman have, and it helps the Idaho Department of Correction as a whole by providing an immersive learning tool for offenders to focus on during their incarceration."


J. Lemos, Elementary Teachers (Marsing, ID)

"By attending the Khan workshops put on by the very knowledgeable NNU Staff, I feel better prepared and capable of using Khan Academy in my classroom. They have taught me how to use each of the different reports to target students who are in need of assistance. This allows for me to utilize Blended Learning. Students are getting instruction from me while others are taking control of their own learning at their own pace."


K. Rehder, Instructor North Idaho Correctional Institution

"The past two years have been an exciting time in correctional education. Through the partnership with NNU and KA Lite, our classrooms have been transformed into multi-learning areas for our students. Blended learning is now the norm in our math classroom as students are assessed and enrolled into specific learning pathways to meet their individual needs. Most of our students have had an intense struggle learning math the traditional way. Blended learning allows our students to improve math skills through direct instruction, seminars and KA Lite computer lessons... Students are demonstrating excellent gains, primarily due to the diverse learning styles offered in the classroom. Self-paced learning on KA Lite makes learning less intimidating and students feel good about reaching new benchmarks... Focusing on areas of weakness allows several types of intervention measures, including one-on-one help, and assigning math tutors to assist students. The greatest impact on math students at NICI is that they leave the facility with a positive learning experience. The continued success of this math program requires connectivity between NNU for professional development, computer maintenance, and regular IT support and a belief that high student achievement is possible for all levels of students."


R. Foresman, Superintendent (Cottonwood, ID)

"I can testify to the blended learning model. I have seen students gravitate to Khan Academy in their free time. I have seen teachers utilize the videos in other subjects besides Math. Students who are using IDLA utilize the Khan videos for support when they need a different perspective on a math problem."


D. Thomander, Math Teacher (Burley, ID)

"I have had the good privilege of working with the NNU Doceō Center over the past couple of years as part of [a] project designed to increase the use of technology, specifically Khan Academy, in classrooms throughout Idaho. During that time I have developed a professional relationship with several of its staff in a variety of capacities... It is my opinion that the staff at the NNU Doceō Center demonstrate the utmost professionalism in every interaction. They can be counted on to manage complex projects that involve large numbers of people over a significant period of time. They have demonstrated capacity to successfully manage large budgets. They have accomplished all of this while consistently demonstrating positive, professional, encouraging, service-oriented attitudes towards all... The Doceō center provided coaching to me as I converted to a "flipped" classroom. Their expertise was obvious and their encouragement was needed as I found that much persistence is required in learning to do this successfully. I continue to work on my lessons utilizing strategies shared with me through my one-on-one coaching, and perhaps more importantly, I value the consistent support given to me as I work to improve the classroom experience for my students. Again, I highly recommend the NNU Doceō Center for the professional development of all teachers, as well as for project management."

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