What is a Learning Platform?

A Learning Platform is a vehicle that allows students to express what they have learned. Technology integration is not about finding the latest and greatest app on the market, nor is it about what type of device you purchase. Instead, it’s providing the proper tool and effective instruction that allows students to personalize their learning. Whether it’s word processing, presentations, Google Docs, creating student portfolios, or augmented reality, we can help you become a facilitator of learning. 

The NNU Doceō Center offers professional development in any area of technology integration. No matter the device, we have learning opportunities for your school! If you are just starting and are looking for what device would work best for your building or classroom, we can help plan and walk you through what would be the best device for your building or classroom.

The NNU Doceō Center's Platform Review System

Click here to go view the NNU Doceō Center's platform review system. This system is designed to evaluate a learning platform and determine how well it will function in an educational environment. There are three categories in which each learning platform is rated and the combined score from those ratings is tabulated and then the platform is given a ranking.

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