The NNU Doceō Center's Top 10 Learning Platforms

At the NNU Doceō Center, we have scoured the internet looking for the best learning platforms for teachers and students. Here is a list of our top 10 learning platforms that we feel are some of the best platforms for students to show their knowledge and for teachers to build capacity. 


Platform #1:

Explain Everything 

Explain Everything (iOS, Android)- Is a very robust screencasting platform.  Students and teachers can create dynamic presentations, which include text, images, video, audio, and other files.   This platform provides tools that allows you to record audio while using various tools such as a laser pointer and on-screen drawing.   Explain Everything is also very compatible with other platforms which allows you to add content from multiple apps to “smash” them together.
Cost: 2.99
5 Hacks

Platform #2:


iMovie (iOS) -  iMovie is a great tool for teachers and students.  This learning platform allows you to access images and video from your iPad’s camera roll.  This platform allows you to create movie trailers and videos and provides a variety of editing tools.  iMovie also allow you to “smash” content together.  Basically, any content that can be saved into your camera roll can be edited in iMovie.
Cost: Free
​5 Hacks

Platform #3:

Adobe Voice 

Adobe Voice (iOS) –Adobe Voice is a powerful platform that allows students or teachers to create an animated video in minutes.  This platform allows you to select your story structure and purpose while using a variety of layouts, themes, and music to present information or tell a story.   Tools like audio, photos, and text add more depth and personalization to emphasize your subject or content.  When completed Adobe Voice provides a variety of sharing options.
Cost: Free
​5 Hacks

Platform #4:

Google Drive 

Google Drive (iOS, Android, Chrome & Web-based)-  Google Drive is a platform that can be useful for creating, distributing and sharing content in a class or course.  This platform allows you create files either in Google Docs, Sheets, or Presentation. Google Drive also allows you to annotate and upload files to a Google Drive through a Google account.  Teachers and students can then share files using the sharing features. Comments can also be left on PDFs as well as Docs, Sheets, and Presentations.
Cost: Free 

​5 Hacks


Platform #5:


Evernote (iOS, Android, Chrome, and Web-based)- Evernote is a multifaceted platform that allows students and teachers to upload content in an organized fashion.  You can upload video, audio, images, PDF, or text to various Notebooks and share them with students.  These notebooks have a unique URL, which allows students to access the information without having to have an Evernote account.  If students do have an Evernote account, the Notebooks can be shared individually with students.  Evernote is also a very versatile platform that works well on virtually any device. 
Cost: Free

​5 Hacks

Platform #6:


Easelly (iOS, Web-based) - is a platform that allow students and teachers to make personalized visual graphics.  This platform has thousands of templates and design objects that allow students to make infographics that can support their learning.  Using a simple drop and drag design Easelly has an extensive library of templates to help you convey your ideas.
Cost: Free

​5 Hacks

Platform #7:


ScreenChomp (iOS)- ScreenChomp is a simple screencasting platform that allows students and teachers to explain information by recording and drawing on their iPad.   ScreenChomp allows students to add images and text to emphasize key information.  While not as robust as Explain Everything, Screen Chomps simplicity makes it an excellent app for younger students.
Cost: Free

​5 Hacks

Platform #8:

Stick Pick 

Stick Pick (iOS)- This platform allows teachers to systematically enhance and personalize their questioning strategies to improve student learning.   Teachers can create classes with their student’s names and Stick Pick will create a “Stick” for them.  Stick Pick generates a variety of question stems for teachers to ask questions to their students based on Blooms Taxonomy.  Teachers can also keep track of how often they call on students.  Stick Pick also has an ESL feature for ESL students. 
Cost: $3.99

​5 Hacks

Platform #9:


Plickers (iOS, Android, Web-based)- Plickers is a platform for teachers that allows them to quickly assess student learning.  Using one device, teachers can poll their class to get instant feedback on student learning.  Students are given cards and Plickers scans the cards to instantly assess whether students comprehended the information.  Teachers can use Plickers for quick check-for-understandings, polls, or exit tickets.
Cost: Free

​5 Hacks

Platform #10:

Green Screen by Do Ink 

Green Screen by Do Ink (iOS)- Green Screen by Do Ink is an exciting and entertaining platform that allows teachers and students to use green screen technology.   Similar to your local weatherman, this platform allows you to use any images or videos as a backdrop while you record video and audio.  Simply use any green screen, fabric, or paper as a backdrop and Green Screen by Do Ink will transform that backdrop to any image or video.  This green screen platform allows students to take virtual field trips, explain concepts, and personalize presentations.
Cost: $2.99

​5 Hacks
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